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Celebration Barn in Alastalo Estate

The country-romantic loft of the barn is the perfect place for many parties.

Häät koko vintti

Celebration barn loft (Juhlavintti) in Alastalo estate is a rustic romantic wedding venue for small and large weddings. Alastalo manor is located in an incredibly beautiful historical milieu in the countryside of Hauho Sappee. The atmosphere is the most romantic for a summer wedding. The barn is surrounded by a large apple tree park, horse pastures and fields. Weddings can be organized from May to August.

Häät vintti ja hääpari

In recent years, the barn has been renovated into a summertime party space and it has been used for events since the summer of 2021. In the summer of 2023, the barn winch welcomed its first wedding guests. During 2024, the floor will be renovated for dancing and the barn will be electrified with Linnaseutu Leaders support. There is room for up to 200 people inside. Party guests can also use the large park with apple trees. The party tent can be rented for catering, and in this way, the party spaces can be extended outside.

On the ground floor of the barn you can find e.g. powder room, rest room for the wedding couple, shower, sauna, bio-toilet and a small auxiliary kitchen for the use of catering companies. There is also space for refrigerators on the ground floor. Guests can use an outdoor toilet and portable toilet cabins can be ordered as well.

Alastalo manor house can also accommodate a small wedding group in the premises of the main manor house. Please ask for an offer on bed and breakfast accommodation. You can also rent a beach sauna, which is on the shore of the nearby Kyläjärvi lake. Parking of cars is very easy with the guidance of the hosts in the Alastalo yard.


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